A Burning Feud

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Poetry
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On this tempest flow my bed lay
Winking an ecstacy solace like fay
From a way far like an atlantic bay
Conniving some mission of anger eviction
With Wanton camouflage of allegiance
Like a friendship of sober obedience.

But anger assumes of this reaction
Floating the air sooner or later
Not blurred, so conspicuous rather
So, Lowly bowed with full emotion
Heavy on my brow and yet bitter

Whilst tempest flow aloud rumble
To mingle of love caress so ample
With my Anger, to hostage smiles.
Amidst the feud, my mind lies
Suffering a seeming perverted morale

Tongue-locked, eyes close to moral.
It’s hypocritical seeming protective
And Safety allegiance. Hyperactive.
so, i won’t fend for this twain either
Let ecstasy and anger thus sing louder!

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