A Song To The Star

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Poetry
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In this winter chill,
Of Solemn dewy morning,
Defiant-gestured afternoon’s sun
And the Proud-strolling ambience breeze.
Hope to keep enjoying nature thus
Let me strike a deal with the cloud
To keep crying her drip
Till she banish her distress….

Sadden no more dear little star
Maybe you rest a little while
Enthreat me, dis cloud to you
To soot, for your wail may mar
O mar again this gloom-ish tide
Let me not be wanton to you
Little petting may perhaps be frail
Sidereal fathom your croon’s hurt
Let them with you, lay for comfort

A cry for Rape
Yea, Rape of possession possesed
Its seems to you a cheat
Surly look to gain warmonger’s pity
Often times we deal this deal
After which your silver brighten
Surmise apart, its will brighten
To stupor your exited joy then
But wait till this days vow pass
When then sober ambience justifies,
Then we go separate ways…..

Since cloud awares you of it
Sadden no more little star
Plea frontier extension with the cloud
Maybe she be willing to unravel
The shrouded in mystery
Because defiant sun will first you!
Exercerbation, the moon winks,
Your sorrow. Because he rules dark
So, let’s enjoy this time while it last

  1. brian miller says:

    hey murphy,

    figured i would drop back a few posts to leave you this note as i could not find an email for you. usually for OpenLinkNight @ dVerse we limit each person to one link since so many link in and it gives everyone the opportunity to visited by the other poets. Our other forums on thursday and saturday are open to multiple poems by the same person because we are usually working with a theme or form. appreciate you linking in and hope you take the time to read and comment on a few others or at least those that read you, it keeps them coming back.

    have a great day.


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