Let us be

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Poetry
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Hitherto with no false tongue, ℓ̊‎​ do love
Though it had been crucified in my heart.
She does thinks me an innocent, like dove
Her coyness fooled my credulous low heart
None to tutor my untutored nature
King Solomon is dead. Who to follow?
My Naivity cries to grow soon mature.
“Eschew its call”, she wish with great sorrow
It shrieks at me she missioned to cheat; dire.
But my silence credit the lust wish thence
Who thus tell love her deed is cruel attire?
And ℓ̊‎​, sappy to expunge my staunchness?
Let love be with her ways and be happy,
Time holds and tells whom it be to marry.

  1. osita odafi says:

    Nice piece!!!

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