Love’s Engagement to Lust

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Poetry
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I recall when Love married Lust
Comfort and Despair then they bore
O that the wedlock never went sore
Lust, its human destitution I saw
Now that its solicitude is on tour
Dear love, repent you not from its trust?

Pulchritude boast. But is it her?
Flattered body, an ardent fan of pride
She, now in cahoots with her sole partner
Who is a flower if not her?
With cridecoeur, nightingale calls till eventide!
She hears not, for pulchritude yet intoxicates her

Let the world be young again you thought
Pulchritude and the beast. O! lucky me
The fairer, for me its cajoled to be
So flimsy and little that it worth
Disdained love forlornly croons blues ditty
But body rather propagate her mistress dignity

When conscience whispers to her its interest
Pulchritude won’t pervert; said no, she yet conforms
Prudence ain’t esoteric, its self control at best
“Sway with me”, it pleads, for yours i am till the kingdom comes
She did well to sham glee. Though knew it lies
Silly her that it only mars and won’t make till it dies

“Ow fie fie”, for you pity divorce not me
Pulchritude only glory in day light
I strolled, withered i saw it at night
O goodness, pulchritude i must fight
Bt away its flew far from me
Body, how anon you fade despite once so bright???

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