The Fiend’s Life

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Poetry
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The day Serenity fought Tranquillity
To his heel, O! Peace why did you?
Amazed Ambience stood pouted of the brutality
Proud Violence holds sway of the vicinity
Feud wooed, now the victims the two

Shriek you such harbinger? I harangued Why this conflict? Weather, you are bitter
Feigned smile it gave, but it is simper
Scared Sun, dried up by Moons laughter
Naked little Stars, up they yet hanged

Shameless Trees why defer them the Air?
Exacerbation, they won’t ameliorate to fair
Helpless twain, their friends has fled
Hard I could from tears refrain as it is dire
The mysterious precipitated chaos remains red

The Cloud is such when the Goodies quarrel
Brag is the constituent of the goofs’ mind
Sardonic noise confer pleasure on their kind
They sting satirically since it is surreal
Seething Spectators desire the stealth behind

In friend quest, they lure with bogus humility
To their foe, they hold boastful strife
Sycophants’ hail fuel their pompous-ridden life
The villains privily regard their vile cruelty
Self-conceit they marry as sole wife

Lion’s liver is only a wish to the Dog stronghold
Let Spider’s ambush be such quiet
Even valiant Crocodile flee from preying toad
If he dares, it makes it last diet
But fiend’s nature brag. Won’t he anon fold?

  1. brian miller says:

    ha. nice rip…i like the sounds your words emit as they roll…some nice quick rhyme as well…esp in that next to last stanza…i need to get me oneof those shirts as well..smiles

  2. claudia says:

    dang – some tight images in this… and def. fast paced.. i would love to hear it spoken

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