When Love Came..

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Poetry
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Love; Forlorn I call it for age
Poor me, into it deceit I fell
Sad I became and did sought courage
Scarce companion, but I wish to tell
Oh! Came your love a relieve colourful foliage,

My Heart the anthem now commence,
Love and Constancy smile and wink
Since your love now shine thence
Flaming in your sight, I see the link
Heart remote, yet not asunder tense

I saw it right
Though my feeling divorce the thought
Fragile love, stronger than called light
It brawn surpass diamonds a lot
But a priest in surplice white

Sweet you that you show love me
Now to you all my fondness would be
The distress I had, courage now its turn
You I’ll despise? Not even in urn
Till eternity, I live for you. Gee!

  1. Bello Akinwande says:

    Nice one bro! Mk more use of literary terms.that’s wat I av for u now.

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