Posted: September 24, 2013 in Poetry
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He says: Its now, but let me a break
Give me the regards like the lily’s lake
The affable mind, a forty winks to take
Look at the mirror to see the lion wake
All i see, but who changed it to fake?

The grumbling tommy that sit to watch
If unicorn’s head, a tower for me to touch
Then will you merry to get your lunch
If hope really works with faith like the church
Keep it, your hands locked in your sleeves, be staunch

When truly the wind come singing to please
Make me drunk of its lullaby with ease
Never will you wit me when our mirth abound
For solely of it, i deny you without pity surround
Oh! My work !! My tools always around

I know of a true world, Utopia
Kill me, if air will get me their to live
Where no work, my worry, vanish with a beer
Let me not wake if afterwards no relieve
I will go to work, overwork i solely fear

So and so, by and by
He does with filthy mouth service
Getting done with lips what he never did
To plow on the tongue, the seed he buys
Procrastinate and delay till the sun sleeps

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  1. brian miller says:

    When truly the wind come singing to please
    Make me drunk of its lullaby with ease…nice i like those…
    though the end def makes me think of those that pay lip service but fail to follow through…and there are far too many of those for sure…

  2. Mary says:

    I really like the flow and form of your poem!!

  3. Grace says:

    Charming story on procrastination ~ Liking the end rhyming words specially of the opening stanza ~

  4. claudia says:

    ha – procrastination and just saying things they never do – i find it difficult to trust people after it happened a few times…ugh.. difficult

  5. Jeff says:

    I intend to leave my comments concerning your insightful peace . . . after they are more fully considered.

  6. The natural flow of the rhyme is a great accomplishment.


  7. I can’t stand people who don’t do what they… more than people who just do nothing and are honest about it… woot woot for the honest couch potato! anyways great write, I enjoyed the flow of this

  8. Procrastinators in the world unite – tomorrow 🙂 love the word… your pictutere and the flow..

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