The Lamentation Of A Soul

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Article
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Here is a fictitious lament of A Man, who never found happiness in hardwork. He lived in luxury and undeniable wealth, until a revolution happened! Here is the piece, enjoy it:

The twilight appearance reminds him the day has gone again. The birds are singing to bid the closing day farewell as the array of the stars radiate the sky’s beauty. The breeze blows its cool air to wish the sleepy flowers “Good night”.

Wrapped in an old lace clothing, with a rather pitiful countenance approaching ageing, sitting on a fallen wooden chair, observing and wooing enjoyment from the seeming dark ambience and the peaceful nature, in the forlorn hope of getting a droll from the miserable mood.

Collins, under the sober cloud flashed back to yesteryears, when he lives in wealth and domicile of luxury. When as a neophyte of life never thought of it as a mystery. Squandering time, money and values with excitement. Even in the extravagant lifestyle never forestall future penury. Friends, like the odds advising Solomon then, were rather after the luxury and never once cautioned to make a reasonable pondering. Flaunting pride, disdaining and kerb crawling, their sole assignment for him….. All addicted to Vanity.

In his Lamenting thought, he murmurs;
Gone are those days he seeks personal aggradizement, Father would rather keep famished than to see him suffer. “He will do us proud because his future looks bright and promising” are the words mother says when they then discuss.

Peeping through the ajar door, he would shrug in self-satisfaction and contentment. Getting their backing then he thought would never cease.
But now, Father’s words are his leftover for him to ponder on, and mother’s grave is all remaining for him to see.

Life revolution came and riches becomes a thing of the past. What would have been left were those works he abandoned with defiance. The morning labour he loathed with pride and the wealth he flamboyantly squandered till its vanished are now his daily quest.
Now, the neighbour’s insult is his daily meal… Fending for his “turn-back-the-hand-of-time-wish”.

Still in the forlorn hope that nemesis would leave his court someday and wishing he is reminiscing, not in this sorrow, but in great exhilaration!

  1. So is the soul…..sometimes in anguish, other times in happiness!

  2. opeyemi says:

    hmmmm….life….. sometimes u enjoy it nd sometimes u get punished

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