My flirting Mistress

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Poetry
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This mistress i write of is a flirt of which we are to visit the moon together.. It saddens my heart to take her along because i fear her being claimed from me by the moon since i sure know she will do some seduction to the moon…. Here is the piece, enjoy it:

Sway with me on this fairy ride
By and by, oh mistress, my dear pride
The stars, winking of mirth gladden tide
Of ushering smiles, twinkling our sides
Till the moon’s gaze scares our worry to hide

Merry, oh mistress!, merry to this cause
On this star lane our lead front for us
So, for us it seems a yellow brick road
But i did worry, yea a twice occurring
Dying of your pervert self, always seducing

The act, an alice in wonderland it is to me
If of sweet love, i of passioned heart be!
If of caring heart, my bosom shall your heart tend
Wither to buy, of your fond to love me truly?
To buy away this flirting from you!

The moon await us dear mistress, anticipating
But if it then at last gain you from me
Often time i thus cry of your lost love!
Sway, and sway with me, let’s our abreast tightens
Till our presence pleases the moons sight.

But my plea of multiple time reoccurring
Of your coyness to vanish yea truly vanish
To please my confidence
That if forever we dine with the moon
Of mine, we shall never, of our heart be apart.

At @dversepoets, we are asked to write as inspired by catrin welz-stein drawings. So this is my selected drawing and the eventual poem! Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for checking by……

  1. claudia says:

    smiles… no fear that the moon takes her away from you.. you know.. he’s a gentleman.. i like how you picked up on the dreamy mood of the pic…what a fantastical… cool on the star lane and yellow brick road…made me smile..

  2. I know the moon is a great seducer.. to be moonstruck or a lunatic… but at the end the true romance is earthbound a lovely read that really mirrored the image well..

  3. Mary says:

    You use such unique poetic language in your writing, Adam. I really love such such metaphoric lines as ” The act, an alice in wonderland it is to me ” and ” The act, an alice in wonderland it is to me ” I enjoyed your interpretation of this picture a lot, as I used the same one!

  4. brian miller says:

    smiles…cool write adam…what a reassurance eh? to stay together…far too easy to chase fantasies that end up leaving us with nothing to show for our love but a broken heart….ther eis a nice playfulness in this as well..

  5. Goodness, I love the romantic plea and cadence in your words ~ Specially like the use of merry, mistress, If of sweet love, i of passioned heart be!

    Happy Sunday ~

  6. Gabriella says:

    I like where you take us with your poem and the idea that the loved one may be claimed by the moon. You use a lot of beautiful imagery.

  7. adamsmurphy says:

    Thanks so much for checking by and making your thoughts known!

  8. aprille says:

    Adam, I love the references to My Coy Mistress.
    you are right up there with the Metaphysical poets.

  9. adamsmurphy says:

    Yea apprille, i love that poem and mavel himself! Thanks so much

  10. I can’t imagine how long it took you to write this. What beautiful language. Reminds me of that song, “The moon is a harsh mistress.”

  11. This was lovely to read – such romance! Wonderful wordsmithery…

  12. howanxious says:

    A lovely read. The imagery and metaphors are wonderful. I liked the whole narration and the brilliance of the words.

  13. Waltermarks says:

    Who knows what pull the moon may take? It’s strong enough to pull the tide from the beach, it can sway love too.

  14. opeyemi says:

    waoh… dis is lovely…. I luv dis

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