Sing, Oh, Sing To Please Me

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Poetry
A pics of Miz_Akwele

A pics of Miz_Akwele

In this piece of Poem, i wrote about the picture of a new friend which she probably took during a joyous or leisure time with a friend or an associate of her… Its seems so funny to arrive at this… And she was even surprised. Check it:

Sing aloud, Let me hear
That sonorous song to please my ear

Whisper that ditty
Of nightingale’s sounds witty

Blow my mind with its tenderness
Like a lullaby to close my eyes
Till the dawn shows it brightness

Each listen i do appease
Appease my mind to think ease

Each ease i solemnly think
De-thought me of worrisome blinks

Just as you whisper them
Lowly and softly, i dream paradise
Now drunk of this comfort rise

But in stupor, from afar awakes
Then the soothing song became all blue

I, Silently sobbing because you will stop
But save me, let the song continue forever

If you would, then our merry abound
Because i will fly, yea, fly to no bound
For your sweet voice intoxicates me!

Written for @Miz_akwele My new Ghananian friend, whose writings has got me thrilled having read stuffs on her blog and some selected poems on her Facebook page! And i think she do sing too,, hoping to hear her sing soon… This picture of her was selected from a group of pictures i checked in her gallery.. Thanks for reading the poem….. Hope to see your comments

  1. brian miller says:

    sounds like a pretty cool friend…there is so much in song to bring us together and move us as well….
    of course song makes a great metaphor for the relationship between friends as well…

  2. Miz_Akwele says:

    This is inspiring, thank so much Mr. Adams. I’m actually speechless even with the little said.

    I love this!!

  3. Grace says:

    Really enjoyed this one, especially the ending lines ~ How nice that you found a new friend and was inspired to write this ~

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