Posted: November 12, 2013 in Poetry
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Welcome to this poem called “LOVELORN”. It’s A love tale..

If i were taller, would you love me more?
Or would being shorter appease to your love?
So in tallness we grow as i desire
Or perhaps love in shortness supersede.

If i were darker, would you with me shine?
Brightly till the sun goes down for twilight
Or scorn me of some racist sentiment?
Till confusion wins my heart from this fond

If i were whiter, what shall your heart see?
Would you expect my snow fall of winter?
Or foggy blurring of dawn to elude
To whiten my white till it pleases you

If i were fatter, would you desire it?
So that my fat dwells in your sole delight
Until am obesed of being overloved
Or would in thinner, our going becomes smooth

Hope now draining, but not fully drained
Wearisome, but not a mile close to death
For love does sick me in so much forlorn
Till a clue on loving you becomes clear

This poem would be latter linked with Dverse Poetics today for Open link night! Where Different Poets explore round the world poetic-ism!

© ~ AdamsMurphy ~ 2013

  1. ibukkun says:

    If I were lean ,would lean on me to get rest from all of your worries,

    I love your poem it is awesome

  2. claudia says:

    ah smiles…if we really love those things don’t really matter – do they… i like the people i love just to be who they are…that’s why i fell in love with them beforehand…smiles

  3. The insecurity… is it really about looks..? or would we capture love in other ways.. ?
    and that poor girl… ?

  4. Mary says:

    I think it takes a mature kind of person to look beyond the physical exterior. We all do worry about those thing though, don’t we? Couples somehow find find each other. It seems ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ A person just has to find the right beholder!!

  5. Tony Maude says:

    So much to worry over – if that’s what the other expects, then it’s them who is not worth it … smiles

  6. It doesn’t matter how a person looks… beauty is something that resides in the heart. Well-penned. 🙂

  7. annotating60 says:

    I loved the structure to your questiong and logic and was enamored of the way in which you used the language always a surprise in how the logic of the syntax was used. Really a wonderful read. Great write. >KB

  8. ayala says:

    When you truly love it does not matter 🙂

  9. Hey, strange to say maybe – but I love the bright spirit on display here and as KB says the inventive use of language – interesting and deceptively ambitious work – I’ll be back… Regards


  10. brian miller says:

    we can try to be all these things but in the end what is it they love…who we are or this fantasy…and what life is there for us if all we have to live is a fantasy…

  11. Pat Hatt says:

    To each their own, every one has a different zone of which to find a mate to make them umm moan lol

  12. Morgan says:

    Love Loves plain and simple, regardless of visible or invisible. Dance, Laugh, Delight in You and Beauty will Shine Through !

  13. I really like the way you arrange the words. I had to take my time with them as they did not fall as I would expect. Your intention I assume.

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