A Purposeful Reply!

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Poetry
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Grapically Designed

Grapically Designed

Sometimes Ago, the sky for me, wasn’t blue.. The weather was harsh.. Things weren’t smooth. A cousin at this time sent a text, which i thought would be a -“there is light at the end of tunnel”- message.. But it was otherwise, she was rebuking my mistakes and steps taken. The message, Expressed how she wish i had follow another path and become somebody else off my present person. So i replied with this piece below posted to her ::

Leave me in the lurch
I won’t mind
Seethe like the devil in the church
It’s for me kind
Derange your thought a such
It won’t stop me behind
If to you my deed was a toad-for-lunch
Let me be hard to find on your mind
Let me be me, and you to you, be staunch
If to you my problem is a nemesis
Don’t you think the road can’t be all straight?
This is not of you the genesis
It’s only for my misdeeds you can’t wait
If dolphin be dolphin
And other fishes themselves
If the sea always a brine
And these creatures remain themselves
If the sun, daily old and new
The stars, never become one
If diamond, precious, yet few
But much are unvalued stones
If elb be elb, and ghost be ghost
If beast be beast and monsters remain
Desert itself, and coast always coast
The ebb tide and the tidal wave rain
Everything be, and be till eternity
Humans will would always be also
Different people differs in personality
Then integrity would define integrity
Lure not people, your ways to follow
We were created differently
Let’s function differently.

The tone is somehow harsh because she is fond of criticising people especially the ones with contrast ideas and beliefs to her own…

© ~ AdamsMurphy ~ 2013

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