LoneLy Moon (Part 2)

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Poetry
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catrin welz-stein drawings

catrin welz-stein drawings

The previous episode of LoneLy Moon gave a picture of how the moon became forlorn of no companion! In this part, its revealed why she declined the stars love, and how she was heartbroken, and now mocked by them all. Check below:

On my way to the moon tonight
To help her of drowning lone
Inflicted of thought pride tone
Before she passed on of the plight

My plodding feet drones like a bee
Towards moon’s gate of fairy tree
Scorning my uncivilised tread
There she thus speaks till tears she shed

Her arrogance was ignorance
Falling hypnotised of a trance
Romancing a blinked affairs fun
Since an eclipse made her meet sun

On her brow the sun leaved no sight
Scolding his unrepented light
After defilling her flower
Then denied her love when afar

So the reminisce tempt a fight
Between her heart and emotions
Till she was lost without cautions
Groaning helplessly of the plight

She does prouds not, but only staunch
Pledging for the sun with no branch
Then came the stars to lure her love
She declined, so they think her tough.

Its so interesting to later find out she wasn’t proud! The sun deceived her of some momentary love, and she fell! So the stars mistook it for underrating them! Thanks to Catrin welz stein for the drawing used..
This poem will be linked with dverse poetics later for meeting the bar!

© ~ AdamsMurphy ~ 2013

  1. Temadams says:

    This is amazing! How I wish we went together yesterday. Lol

  2. brian miller says:

    really nice play on the picture…and what a story you gave her…considering her circumstances, she’d have to be tough…sad though she turned the stars down…

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