A Call For Freedom

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Poetry
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Wake up from your deep slumber, dear patriot.
Sink we not in this fiery blowing storm
Of power, Beating to our dance, their drum?

For i knew you with some real tutored thoughts
To Plod on these unbriddled tongues with thorns
Perhaps their idiocy be send to urn

They hunt, haunt and flaunt of filthy beauty
Tomorrow shall preach their gospel again
But shall these tyrants keep inflicting pain?

Our soul indeed farmished of true freedom
From Shackles of instigated hiccups
Drawing our sweats like the harmattan crops

Shall you seek to free from this tyranny?
Or still lay to save your fearful heartbeat
Till all your people dies of slavery heat.

Copyright© ~ AdamsMurphy® ~ 2013

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