A Day of Significance…(10-12-13)

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Poetry


Blue Got dark,
So also the wind, cold.
The sun then freezing
So it cried of sadness
Where it tears dropped
There grew a hitching thorn
So weird of lengthy tentacles
Piecing through the air
Of the open ambience
Like an armed soldier.

It did grew flourishly
Around my supple naked feet
Of stainless coverings
Marred of some fetters
From my growing hair follicles
That looks askance of the thorns
With their polished black beauty
Of curly acrobats.
I stood tall to move
But my marrows of blurring pains,
Ached till I went down to fall,
Then the thorn’s tentacles
Turned my cushion to lay.

So they hurt my feet
With their malicious minds
Of some nursed bitter feud
Against the hair follicles.
Poor me,
All I did was sigh and pant
Till a truce was arranged
But it came late for my feet
After some beautiful damage,
Came multiple tears on the feet
To heal the undeserved wounds.

This day was a day I experienced robbery. I was more than scared. Though unhurt, but it actually worth this written piece. Thanks for sparing time to read the poem.

~ Copyright © ~ Adamsmurphy® ~ 2014 ~

  1. Gabriella says:

    I am sorry you had to go through all this. I am not surprised you were scared. I would have been terrified. The first stanza is a chilling introduction to what happened to you.

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