A Note for my Birthday

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Uncategorized


Perhaps the Day won’t break, no one can tell
Whether it pleases the Sun not to shine
Imagination be then reality
If the atmosphere shall now blow whirl fire
Then its surreality is tired of dreams
Perhaps the Cloud would have some earthly rest
Or relaxation, to dine with nature
Maybe heavenly alliance becomes true
Perhaps the Mermaid is cold at winter
The desert could rejoice of a new guest
Then the river cries, and the ocean morns
Till their stupor dies of being over filled
Perhaps Moon could surrogate Day of Sun
Then earth is not but a home of drama
If the planet lights and comets would fight
Or yet Battle wars of supremacy
Would the chaos not have consumed mankind?
Of the zeal to dream dreams in mama’s womb
Dies before time and wait not for it birth
This same life would have been an unlived life
And stillbirth of brilliant hopes and desires
Then my dreams would have been some teetered dreams
Lying dead in another man’s mind
So, thanks to the birth that born you, SOLA
Thanks to reality that made this me true
Thanks to all that works for my existence
To its limitless height the bird thus fly
Thanks to all that wish for him good balance
Oluwasola, like grandma would call
Is a year older on the twelfth of march
      H U R R A Y.    H U R R A Y


Join me as I celebrate my birthday this week. Its has been wonderful all through the years! Murphy is a year older!!!!

~ Copyright © ~ Adamsmurphy® ~ 2014 ~

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