Tony my Dear Friend

Posted: June 27, 2014 in Poetry
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Tony, dear Tony my good friend
Tony of Nightingale’s vocals
Ozing through his pink oval lips
Lips of the spring; so colourful
Tony of admired postures
But of white-faded pulchritude
Fainted beauty of his ageing
Not old age nor of luxury
But of misplaced priority
Making a stroll down his weak spine
To commend his lecherous blood
Of which indulgence he delight
Tony! Could your ways be ever straight?
Off your crooked pleasure of vain
Will your feet ever stand so good
On decency platform of life?
Without any compromised form
Over your bogus gentleness
I shall fight with you, yea so soon
Not the physical self of you
But your mind and mental scheming
To make halt the insidious thoughts
That smokes your sanity for fun
Before your arrogance ripens
To thwart fortune’s goodwill for you
If I win, it shall delight me
You shall be drunk of soberness
For o’er my seeming naïve lips
Shall teach you intelligent words
So, my cridecoeur is my fight
Though your unrepenting soul prouds
But I so pledge pertinacious.

~Copyright 2014~Adamsmurphy®

NOTE: this poem is not about any personality. It was written about the state of today’s society. 

  1. Stone bruce says:

    Nice and impressive use of words. I found it thoughtful to follow your poem. And also, each line is too significant to be skipped. Maybe this call could create a change in people of this trends heart. Peace

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