Posted: August 3, 2014 in Poetry
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When madmen were still crazy
And sanity was elsewhere busy
With fidelity, they were allegiance to their folly
With no contempt, they may perhaps be yet Holy
They need not put on frown of melancholy
But a plea of Sanity sojourn for soberness solely

Dementia by concussion! Whose fault?
Mediocrity demented them, their sanity it halts
Not concussion like I once thought
Madmen with power; Madness doubled
Power precipitated their real selves forth
Pretence; they are not crazy like they are madness

The serene mellifluous that terminate my forty winks
Its to make the melancholic me sober and think
Adonis with Sepulcher head that claims wisdom
He forgot the Maggots yet deny his sanity’s freedom
Adonis their Epitome, incommoded by vision loss
Obliterating their mission; Power made thus.

Not to be a dissident, but this is not democracy
Government Obscurantism, a bad policy
Who clamor for their obsolete changes?
The woman crying only does for the drying sea
The river does cry, but it tears you won’t see
Fallen days lay siege, Nemesis anger would be.

#A_Political _Illustration…

~ CopyRight Adamsmurphy 2014 ~

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