Posted: February 13, 2015 in Poetry
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What shall I compare, of you, my damsel?
What? Or of what shall I of you match?
Your beauties-birthed attitudes are celestial
Beyond nature’s wings of treasures array
Your blinks glow than for earthly compare
If the precious I think, then I think naught
For long it has seemed their provenance dwells
In your doors, for your beauty; their solace
Rubies are the bloods that run your artery
Topaz hues your proud skins of winking lids
Your chalcedonic cornea: my sight’s glee
Pearls are your footings of royal treading
Emerald glow is your mind of flourish thoughts
Nature shall of you, thus keep being jealous
For none of its gems match your true glowing
Damsel! Your compare are nothing vainly.

Shall I now, Love, on your cherubic love dwell
Defined, Oh Is eternity on your rosed eyes
Forever, on your soft whispers, rhythms
This fragrance on your purple breathes are staunchness
For on their touches, sweet emotions kiss me
If your heart shall run down the Sahara
Feathers and follicles shall my wears be
For swift my foot will be till I find it
If the polar your heart shall be to dwell
Then my bloods will never of twice think it
For down the south they shall flow your artery
And the hypnotic me, fend on your voice
Your speaking smiles: my love’s assurance
As the sun never cease to shine in yellow
So shall my heart quest still to love you more…

© – 2015 – AdamsMurphy®

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