Fantasy And Reality’s Romance

Posted: December 31, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Picture: Found Randomly

I told the dreams,
I won’t come visiting again
My eyes are weary of their ambivalence
That me, of utopian pleasures waste
And Fears, divorce my shying skins
My mental flies, on Phoenix wingspread
But a step away, when time dismisses our sights
The northern wind blows my fantasies
It does, that the frozen south scare them to wither
Dear dream, let time solve the faults
Those, that have bewildered our stars.

I told the Stars,
My skepticism has gone astray
Beauties of their twinkles birth their paranoia
I will tell the airs to aid the growing dread
Then me, and doubt, would be of enmity road tread
But I shall soon love my skepticism again
When the moon comes, risen from its seething castle
The Star tales shall mock its shaming feathers of lightening
The moon will come, and me, and him, will form the future

I told the moon,
A little while, the grasses would be green and lively
When the green comes, and then the night, they would fight
The frailness of the moonlight, then the mockery; would glow
But I, would betray him; I would get swayed away with it
Then the stars would come, then the dreams, to jest and simper
Dear moon, we shall be ashamed. 

I told the sun
Hers is Arrogance but I, will disdain her
The threads of her rays, and the beams, yes
When the airs agree to my connivance, and waters
Soon, then she shall know my prejudice is benign
That her wings, shall detests her glowing hues
And the Moon, and the Stars, and yet the humbled Sun
We shall wake to Reality, together, sober stupor.

I told the Waters
Soon I shall smile, but only for maggots’ pleasure
It shall be borne of my decaying brittle bones
But before then, my foviers are untidy and my brows, heavy
They should purge them, that their hues be civilized again
That me, and them shall of accord be for mirth and pleasures
Hairs of my Hyde are weary of unending journeys
Now that their streams are cleanse, and their sources, thoughtful
I, shall be stupor of them
So i, before my memories speak of me, shall yet glow, like my peers
And me, and the sidereal dine in shining fame

We shall all taste of truthfulness and deceit would divorce us
So when our eyes, and paths, and tendencies are tutored
We shall, tend, where the existence keeps our fortune.

© – 2015 – AdamsMurphy®

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