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Once and Once Beautiful

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Poetry
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A Man Reading

Once, I thought earth was heavenly
Once, I dreamed of beautiful dreams
Once, I sang of the heard fairies
Once, lone on the yellow brick road.

Once, I dreamed of a perfect world
Once, I chased a colour- filled hope
Once, I intruded some still thought
Preying on my mind of hunger

Once, In my innocent-hood days
Once, when love was love so genuine
Once, when trust was never costly
Once, life was always worth living.

Once, No debt or Ransome to pay
Once, No challenge, no ups or down
Once, No mind unrest or dread days
Once, Never afraid, nothing scared.

Once, then I dreamed of undreamed dreams
With my tender heart yet so tough
Days gone by, dreams came and left us
Goodbye beautiful days. Miss you!

Its so nice having you read my poem again this year. I am highly honoured to have you around again. This poem is linked up with dversepoets open link night 127. Also, I will be happy to have you join us on Twitter this weekend, 11th of January 2014. We Will be exploring round poetry. Just write your short poem, add #TheEleventhCommandment and tweet to join the trend. Looking forward to seeing you there.