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Sun in the Stream

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Poetry
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Will my box of dreams
Please save this sun in the streams
From losing its beams?

Will my zeal still pays
Fetching dreams from snoring lays
To follow true ways?

Will my mind still sleep?
Or sling my eyes from night sleep?
Just for dream to keep.

so we help the sun
For fear o’er our seeming fun
Shall not cool it burns

She is cold right now
But its for some pretence frown
To scare the stream down

Copyright© ~ AdamsMurphy® ~ 2013

LoneLy Moon (Part 2)

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Poetry
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catrin welz-stein drawings

catrin welz-stein drawings

The previous episode of LoneLy Moon gave a picture of how the moon became forlorn of no companion! In this part, its revealed why she declined the stars love, and how she was heartbroken, and now mocked by them all. Check below:

On my way to the moon tonight
To help her of drowning lone
Inflicted of thought pride tone
Before she passed on of the plight

My plodding feet drones like a bee
Towards moon’s gate of fairy tree
Scorning my uncivilised tread
There she thus speaks till tears she shed

Her arrogance was ignorance
Falling hypnotised of a trance
Romancing a blinked affairs fun
Since an eclipse made her meet sun

On her brow the sun leaved no sight
Scolding his unrepented light
After defilling her flower
Then denied her love when afar

So the reminisce tempt a fight
Between her heart and emotions
Till she was lost without cautions
Groaning helplessly of the plight

She does prouds not, but only staunch
Pledging for the sun with no branch
Then came the stars to lure her love
She declined, so they think her tough.

Its so interesting to later find out she wasn’t proud! The sun deceived her of some momentary love, and she fell! So the stars mistook it for underrating them! Thanks to Catrin welz stein for the drawing used..
This poem will be linked with dverse poetics later for meeting the bar!

© ~ AdamsMurphy ~ 2013

LoneLy Moon

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Poetry
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If only some could be seer to know that another opportunities, apart from the ones at their disposal at a particular time could be elusive, nonchalance and pride would have had no place in the hearts.. Below is a beautiful occurrence in the closet of the moon :

The Moon cries of lonesome this night
Down the north, her voice blooms her plight
Dewing down serenity fight
O’er the airs of her visual light
Till it glooms the ambience from bright

I heard it of sentiment mind
Letting my pondering face go blind
To credit this pitiful kind
Questing to repair it behind
For the Moon, a true droll to find

Hence, the tree were silent lowly
Petrified birds, fly quite gently
To lay on their loved nest softly
The animals, standing humbly
Seething, but seem sober mildly

Seethe? Of this worrisome issue?
All, in accord, simpers and boo
With stinging satire of shame hue
To paint the moon’s mockery al through
Till she hides and not again new

Me, so naïve of the whole thought
Soon excel that they mock moon’s pride
Because stars, of her love twice sought
But thinks them degrade of her bride
Gesturing to oppress their lot

Now who for comfort, would friend moon?
Easing her pain with love so soon
Till her heart falls for a love tried.
Twice troubled and Forlorn; She cried.
Soon she drowns of loneliness tide!

So is how the Moon wasted time and chances when they appeared. Proudly rejected the Stars, of her neighbourhood’s companionship advancement.. Now she is dying of been abandoned.. This is just a reminder to the prouds that one day the wage for it will come…! This poem is linked up with Dversepoets tonight for Meeting the bar! Your entries are welcome there…

© ~ AdamsMurphy ~ 2013

My flirting Mistress

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Poetry
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This mistress i write of is a flirt of which we are to visit the moon together.. It saddens my heart to take her along because i fear her being claimed from me by the moon since i sure know she will do some seduction to the moon…. Here is the piece, enjoy it:

Sway with me on this fairy ride
By and by, oh mistress, my dear pride
The stars, winking of mirth gladden tide
Of ushering smiles, twinkling our sides
Till the moon’s gaze scares our worry to hide

Merry, oh mistress!, merry to this cause
On this star lane our lead front for us
So, for us it seems a yellow brick road
But i did worry, yea a twice occurring
Dying of your pervert self, always seducing

The act, an alice in wonderland it is to me
If of sweet love, i of passioned heart be!
If of caring heart, my bosom shall your heart tend
Wither to buy, of your fond to love me truly?
To buy away this flirting from you!

The moon await us dear mistress, anticipating
But if it then at last gain you from me
Often time i thus cry of your lost love!
Sway, and sway with me, let’s our abreast tightens
Till our presence pleases the moons sight.

But my plea of multiple time reoccurring
Of your coyness to vanish yea truly vanish
To please my confidence
That if forever we dine with the moon
Of mine, we shall never, of our heart be apart.

At @dversepoets, we are asked to write as inspired by catrin welz-stein drawings. So this is my selected drawing and the eventual poem! Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for checking by……

A Burning Feud

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Poetry
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On this tempest flow my bed lay
Winking an ecstacy solace like fay
From a way far like an atlantic bay
Conniving some mission of anger eviction
With Wanton camouflage of allegiance
Like a friendship of sober obedience.

But anger assumes of this reaction
Floating the air sooner or later
Not blurred, so conspicuous rather
So, Lowly bowed with full emotion
Heavy on my brow and yet bitter

Whilst tempest flow aloud rumble
To mingle of love caress so ample
With my Anger, to hostage smiles.
Amidst the feud, my mind lies
Suffering a seeming perverted morale

Tongue-locked, eyes close to moral.
It’s hypocritical seeming protective
And Safety allegiance. Hyperactive.
so, i won’t fend for this twain either
Let ecstasy and anger thus sing louder!

A Song To The Star

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Poetry
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In this winter chill,
Of Solemn dewy morning,
Defiant-gestured afternoon’s sun
And the Proud-strolling ambience breeze.
Hope to keep enjoying nature thus
Let me strike a deal with the cloud
To keep crying her drip
Till she banish her distress….

Sadden no more dear little star
Maybe you rest a little while
Enthreat me, dis cloud to you
To soot, for your wail may mar
O mar again this gloom-ish tide
Let me not be wanton to you
Little petting may perhaps be frail
Sidereal fathom your croon’s hurt
Let them with you, lay for comfort

A cry for Rape
Yea, Rape of possession possesed
Its seems to you a cheat
Surly look to gain warmonger’s pity
Often times we deal this deal
After which your silver brighten
Surmise apart, its will brighten
To stupor your exited joy then
But wait till this days vow pass
When then sober ambience justifies,
Then we go separate ways…..

Since cloud awares you of it
Sadden no more little star
Plea frontier extension with the cloud
Maybe she be willing to unravel
The shrouded in mystery
Because defiant sun will first you!
Exercerbation, the moon winks,
Your sorrow. Because he rules dark
So, let’s enjoy this time while it last