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Dear Old Friend

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Poetry
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Shall we of this contempt continue old friend?
Our language becoming hard to understand hence
Not mine, Not yours, but the gain of our pretence
Each rearing wild on a supposed tamed society
Plodding on innocent brows to flash scornful teeth
To scare away acquitance truce interest like fiends

My Surplice white is brilliant beyond critics
As some sparkling noble angels of no blemish
Even yourself, of innocent heritage like heavenly holies
What then precipitate this disdain that flourishes?
Blooming like springtime flowers spreading hands
Wouldn’t this act, ours, soon a blot on our character?

We were the closest. Yea, like the titanic romance!
Not homo, but brotherly with no feud chance
Hunting together in the woods for unlost treasures
Defiant to mama’s call of dearly care with pleasure
If we shall sneak, sneak to search the ambience archive
Wouldn’t we constitute of it friends tale shelve?

The first page of our story did had future
Yea, like the holy paradise to the saints of sodom
Before ego wooed with seeming undubitable convictions
Before we disdained of this intimacy blood
Now, we thus murdered the growing love with flimsy ago
Against what we have lived, when time were time

When things odd, we, of true mind lived it
When all were ‘even’, we lived one mind
So and so, before vanity overthrowned our thoughts
Scoffing with some military dictations
If of this contempt we shall continue dear old friend
Then we had no insight of our friendship future heretofore.

Written for Meeting the bar @dverse poetics.

© ~ AdamsMurphy ~ 2013