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Posted: November 14, 2014 in Poetry
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Hand of life

Seems like the more I think
The more ambiguous things become
Seems like the more I search
The more things and words get elusive
Seems like the more I go
The farther the journey gets
Seems like the more I build
The more things get undone
Seems like the more wealth I gather
The needier I become
Seems like the clearer I see
The blurrier all becomes

Seems like the more people I trust
The more betrayal I experience
Seems like the more I try to love
The more I get hated by people
Seems like the more I eat
The more hunger finds a place in me
Seems like the more the rain falls
The thirstier the lands seem
Seems like the more I quest for truth
The more lies sing of victory
Seems like the more I feel I have won
The more failure’s hue become brighter
Seems like the more the Sun shines
The more darkness darkens
Nothing ever come so real as they seems
Life is so contradictory and vague
Today never defines tomorrow!

©2014 ~ AdamsMurphy®

Ironies Of Life (part 1)

Posted: February 21, 2014 in Poetry
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Men standing on the watchtower
Searching around for where dreams die
There sorrowful eyes, held so sling
With some weird unknown magicals
Up their loose nonchalant mentals.

Where were pains nurtured, or yet, born?
Arrogance on their mind modules
Soar high like though valiant eagles
Fearless and courageous in air
With their sharpened teeth, they inflict.

Where is it, that colourful dreams
Bright revealing and beautiful
Dies, without resuscitating?
Perhaps some Gods are just angry
With fantasies and brilliant hopes.

Would cries for once bury their head
Down the north to freeze their fountains?
Or perhaps, Sahara, to dry.
For our stupor eyes are heavy
And tired of all time pouring.

Depression still getting Happy
Of her sarcasm fiesta
Not happiness, but rather, jest.
And mockery of our weak ambush
The watchmen watching with tension.

Today, i start a series of “Ironies Of Life”. It shall be a weekly publication right here till I finish the series. I would really enjoy you guys to join in to explore together. Thanks for checking by.

~ Copyright © ~ Adamsmurphy® ~ 2014 ~

Some Ugly Truth

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Poetry
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If Love causes Fear
Fear would cause Jelousy
Jealousy would cause Suspicion
Suspicion would cause Mistrust
Mistrust would cause Disrespect
Disrespect would cause Hatred
And Hatred ends it all.

~ Copyright © ~ Adamsmurphy® ~ 2014 ~

A Day of Significance…(10-12-13)

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Poetry


Blue Got dark,
So also the wind, cold.
The sun then freezing
So it cried of sadness
Where it tears dropped
There grew a hitching thorn
So weird of lengthy tentacles
Piecing through the air
Of the open ambience
Like an armed soldier.

It did grew flourishly
Around my supple naked feet
Of stainless coverings
Marred of some fetters
From my growing hair follicles
That looks askance of the thorns
With their polished black beauty
Of curly acrobats.
I stood tall to move
But my marrows of blurring pains,
Ached till I went down to fall,
Then the thorn’s tentacles
Turned my cushion to lay.

So they hurt my feet
With their malicious minds
Of some nursed bitter feud
Against the hair follicles.
Poor me,
All I did was sigh and pant
Till a truce was arranged
But it came late for my feet
After some beautiful damage,
Came multiple tears on the feet
To heal the undeserved wounds.

This day was a day I experienced robbery. I was more than scared. Though unhurt, but it actually worth this written piece. Thanks for sparing time to read the poem.

~ Copyright © ~ Adamsmurphy® ~ 2014 ~

The Lamentation Of A Soul

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Article
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Here is a fictitious lament of A Man, who never found happiness in hardwork. He lived in luxury and undeniable wealth, until a revolution happened! Here is the piece, enjoy it:

The twilight appearance reminds him the day has gone again. The birds are singing to bid the closing day farewell as the array of the stars radiate the sky’s beauty. The breeze blows its cool air to wish the sleepy flowers “Good night”.

Wrapped in an old lace clothing, with a rather pitiful countenance approaching ageing, sitting on a fallen wooden chair, observing and wooing enjoyment from the seeming dark ambience and the peaceful nature, in the forlorn hope of getting a droll from the miserable mood.

Collins, under the sober cloud flashed back to yesteryears, when he lives in wealth and domicile of luxury. When as a neophyte of life never thought of it as a mystery. Squandering time, money and values with excitement. Even in the extravagant lifestyle never forestall future penury. Friends, like the odds advising Solomon then, were rather after the luxury and never once cautioned to make a reasonable pondering. Flaunting pride, disdaining and kerb crawling, their sole assignment for him….. All addicted to Vanity.

In his Lamenting thought, he murmurs;
Gone are those days he seeks personal aggradizement, Father would rather keep famished than to see him suffer. “He will do us proud because his future looks bright and promising” are the words mother says when they then discuss.

Peeping through the ajar door, he would shrug in self-satisfaction and contentment. Getting their backing then he thought would never cease.
But now, Father’s words are his leftover for him to ponder on, and mother’s grave is all remaining for him to see.

Life revolution came and riches becomes a thing of the past. What would have been left were those works he abandoned with defiance. The morning labour he loathed with pride and the wealth he flamboyantly squandered till its vanished are now his daily quest.
Now, the neighbour’s insult is his daily meal… Fending for his “turn-back-the-hand-of-time-wish”.

Still in the forlorn hope that nemesis would leave his court someday and wishing he is reminiscing, not in this sorrow, but in great exhilaration!


Posted: September 24, 2013 in Poetry
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He says: Its now, but let me a break
Give me the regards like the lily’s lake
The affable mind, a forty winks to take
Look at the mirror to see the lion wake
All i see, but who changed it to fake?

The grumbling tommy that sit to watch
If unicorn’s head, a tower for me to touch
Then will you merry to get your lunch
If hope really works with faith like the church
Keep it, your hands locked in your sleeves, be staunch

When truly the wind come singing to please
Make me drunk of its lullaby with ease
Never will you wit me when our mirth abound
For solely of it, i deny you without pity surround
Oh! My work !! My tools always around

I know of a true world, Utopia
Kill me, if air will get me their to live
Where no work, my worry, vanish with a beer
Let me not wake if afterwards no relieve
I will go to work, overwork i solely fear

So and so, by and by
He does with filthy mouth service
Getting done with lips what he never did
To plow on the tongue, the seed he buys
Procrastinate and delay till the sun sleeps

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The Peace Quest

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Poetry

Death on the toll like a life lessor
Angels, oh their smile, my great pleasure
I married my desire to make the grave tour
I mock my lethargy, peace i quest for
My pathernoster pleads for one kingdom
Paradise thought and Utopia enticed
Laid again to pray for peace to come
Sidereal around de-thought me of dread
Demise state i be, my furious mind thought
Am lethe drunk to stupor, that’s a lot
The sombre me so desperate to sought
Poor weather, thus alert my body to earth
It detests body, the thought, life it want yet
The farmished maggots and the mindless termites
Its end, their ready mouth it would be
Why thus death you think, oh mind, that peace would be?
Body’s end the grave, the soul the gain be
No way, more life body wants to see
Peace, o! Peace, my tome clueless of its check-in
The sea? Swaying made vivid it suffering
The Plantation? Their heart beat of withering
Wither way eludes like peace has no origin
I stand remiss in worthy pondering
My halve hallucinated dream rain chagrin
Peace now a culprit, my spirit name it thus
Let’s allay my curiosity, its hazardous
In forlorn hope, relishing, all-encompassing
My search, a race in an endless alley
Peace built me, mind unrest made it lay
It alight only when light i take life
Simplicity, magnanimously loving day by day
My then dream a mementomori drive
The ephemeral life needs rest? Its celestial
Death transition, a grasp of peace eternal.

The Fiend’s Life

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Poetry
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The day Serenity fought Tranquillity
To his heel, O! Peace why did you?
Amazed Ambience stood pouted of the brutality
Proud Violence holds sway of the vicinity
Feud wooed, now the victims the two

Shriek you such harbinger? I harangued Why this conflict? Weather, you are bitter
Feigned smile it gave, but it is simper
Scared Sun, dried up by Moons laughter
Naked little Stars, up they yet hanged

Shameless Trees why defer them the Air?
Exacerbation, they won’t ameliorate to fair
Helpless twain, their friends has fled
Hard I could from tears refrain as it is dire
The mysterious precipitated chaos remains red

The Cloud is such when the Goodies quarrel
Brag is the constituent of the goofs’ mind
Sardonic noise confer pleasure on their kind
They sting satirically since it is surreal
Seething Spectators desire the stealth behind

In friend quest, they lure with bogus humility
To their foe, they hold boastful strife
Sycophants’ hail fuel their pompous-ridden life
The villains privily regard their vile cruelty
Self-conceit they marry as sole wife

Lion’s liver is only a wish to the Dog stronghold
Let Spider’s ambush be such quiet
Even valiant Crocodile flee from preying toad
If he dares, it makes it last diet
But fiend’s nature brag. Won’t he anon fold?

Love’s Engagement to Lust

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Poetry
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I recall when Love married Lust
Comfort and Despair then they bore
O that the wedlock never went sore
Lust, its human destitution I saw
Now that its solicitude is on tour
Dear love, repent you not from its trust?

Pulchritude boast. But is it her?
Flattered body, an ardent fan of pride
She, now in cahoots with her sole partner
Who is a flower if not her?
With cridecoeur, nightingale calls till eventide!
She hears not, for pulchritude yet intoxicates her

Let the world be young again you thought
Pulchritude and the beast. O! lucky me
The fairer, for me its cajoled to be
So flimsy and little that it worth
Disdained love forlornly croons blues ditty
But body rather propagate her mistress dignity

When conscience whispers to her its interest
Pulchritude won’t pervert; said no, she yet conforms
Prudence ain’t esoteric, its self control at best
“Sway with me”, it pleads, for yours i am till the kingdom comes
She did well to sham glee. Though knew it lies
Silly her that it only mars and won’t make till it dies

“Ow fie fie”, for you pity divorce not me
Pulchritude only glory in day light
I strolled, withered i saw it at night
O goodness, pulchritude i must fight
Bt away its flew far from me
Body, how anon you fade despite once so bright???

An Ode to the Saddist

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Poetry
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Prejudice me against me, you work
When what prey on my mind prevail
The spasmodic, spawn frail.
To the archer who croons the mockery symphony
The stinging satire, an exuberant harmony

Prejudice me against me, you work
Priming and priging, your real person
But the machiavellian thought is a poison
Priestly, all my life, stoic but pleasing
If your image you imaging, won’t you be sobbing?

Prejudice me against me, you work
Night, oh night of macabre look and thought
The stealth of your ambush is to me safety
My fear was assassinated, although it fought
Safety from your jealousy, my sole identity

Prejudice me against me, you work
Poor boy, not Naïve but too tender hearted
Let cupid shoot me where i am neglected
Even when life is dreich, to you i rather simper
No perfection, hypocrisy is never better

Prejudice me against me, you work
To love the sin and hate the sinner
To love the play and hate the actor
To hate the game and love the player
Hypocrisy, not been blunt is a factor.