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Once and Once Beautiful

Posted: January 7, 2014 in Poetry
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A Man Reading

Once, I thought earth was heavenly
Once, I dreamed of beautiful dreams
Once, I sang of the heard fairies
Once, lone on the yellow brick road.

Once, I dreamed of a perfect world
Once, I chased a colour- filled hope
Once, I intruded some still thought
Preying on my mind of hunger

Once, In my innocent-hood days
Once, when love was love so genuine
Once, when trust was never costly
Once, life was always worth living.

Once, No debt or Ransome to pay
Once, No challenge, no ups or down
Once, No mind unrest or dread days
Once, Never afraid, nothing scared.

Once, then I dreamed of undreamed dreams
With my tender heart yet so tough
Days gone by, dreams came and left us
Goodbye beautiful days. Miss you!

Its so nice having you read my poem again this year. I am highly honoured to have you around again. This poem is linked up with dversepoets open link night 127. Also, I will be happy to have you join us on Twitter this weekend, 11th of January 2014. We Will be exploring round poetry. Just write your short poem, add #TheEleventhCommandment and tweet to join the trend. Looking forward to seeing you there.

A Purposeful Reply!

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Poetry
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Grapically Designed

Grapically Designed

Sometimes Ago, the sky for me, wasn’t blue.. The weather was harsh.. Things weren’t smooth. A cousin at this time sent a text, which i thought would be a -“there is light at the end of tunnel”- message.. But it was otherwise, she was rebuking my mistakes and steps taken. The message, Expressed how she wish i had follow another path and become somebody else off my present person. So i replied with this piece below posted to her ::

Leave me in the lurch
I won’t mind
Seethe like the devil in the church
It’s for me kind
Derange your thought a such
It won’t stop me behind
If to you my deed was a toad-for-lunch
Let me be hard to find on your mind
Let me be me, and you to you, be staunch
If to you my problem is a nemesis
Don’t you think the road can’t be all straight?
This is not of you the genesis
It’s only for my misdeeds you can’t wait
If dolphin be dolphin
And other fishes themselves
If the sea always a brine
And these creatures remain themselves
If the sun, daily old and new
The stars, never become one
If diamond, precious, yet few
But much are unvalued stones
If elb be elb, and ghost be ghost
If beast be beast and monsters remain
Desert itself, and coast always coast
The ebb tide and the tidal wave rain
Everything be, and be till eternity
Humans will would always be also
Different people differs in personality
Then integrity would define integrity
Lure not people, your ways to follow
We were created differently
Let’s function differently.

The tone is somehow harsh because she is fond of criticising people especially the ones with contrast ideas and beliefs to her own…

© ~ AdamsMurphy ~ 2013

The Place Of Hope

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Poetry
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picture from BBM

picture from BBM

On the TV, On the Radio, so many Newspapers bring News and documentaries about the pains and poverty of different places of the world… I was opportuned to watch one of such… Its so painful to see some many people live in that standard while there are so many people squandering what could actually ameliorate these conditions on flimsy values and invaluable targets! Yea everybody owns his or her pocket, but i think some humanitarian service ain’t too much…
I just did some work on this piece down here to reveal my expression that hope is not lost for anybody whosoever… READ BELOW:

One Look
One Sight
Of blurred afar struggles
One mind
One thought
Of earth’s life ambivalence
Looking askance of self’s Future
But yet, on the blink for hope

One blue
One sorrow
Of a broken heart
Of profuse tears
Periodic dying
Of the abandoned souls
But yet, hope has its place

One fall
One shame
Of a misplaced trust
Abetting truth denial
One confession
One repentance
From crooked pleasures
Twice remorseful
Today is disheartening
But tomorrow is a place for hope

One wound
One hurt
Ample stings of pain
Dry ointment
Detoned pills
No Good, No fair
So hope seems buried as maggots diet
But they of insight behold it

One bread
One fish
Many hungers
Not a love for ease
Of the farmished bellies
Not a care or smile
For the troubled countenances
But silent whispers
Of despisers mockery
Yet, hope’s place is never void

Does darkness not bore lights
Of the moon and stars?
Or does sunshine not kiss stones,
Brighten flowers and dry mud
Of their rainfall’s stupor?
So yea, there’s always a place for Hope.

This poem is linked up with Poets United and its also at Dverse Poetics hope you enjoyed your stay here? Your check-by is appreciated!

picture from twitter

picture from twitter

They are christians! Yes, devoted ones. Their prayers move mountains and their words lead in the church. They are the larger part of the congregation… In this piece, you would see who they really are:

In Jesus name you so pray
With hot flaming lips
Making all hearts to God lay

But in devils name you think
Scornful and seething
With low blasphemy simpers

In Jesus name you so pray
Of God’s things hunger
Pleasing all spectators sight

Yet darkness in your inward
Of serene comfort
Relax in its soft abode

In Jesus name you so pray
Your earthly surplice
Bright, with heaven reflections

And you glory in dire filt
Laying siege for truth,
Building profanity lounge

But you mislead the novice
That aim to soar high
In this faith that we live on

For Jesus, for him you stand
But in outward hue
Of Godly innocence feigned

This nightingale’s cry not yours
But the drying sea
Nemesis grip would soon be!

So they are, one day, its going to be plain… We shall know who it is that really served God and called his Name and his Son’s name in all sincerity.. Its a pleasure sharing this today! Hope to see your comments on it..

TWO POEMS: To the heartless, To the Brave

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Poetry
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To the Heartless,

Your action that soon dries off
The coward mind concept thereof
The filthy oration you gave
Never grew hope even at your grave

Let the sword fly so high
In the justice cottage it would still lie
Blow the flute of war to the air
He house his head in the pillow for fear.

To the Brave,

Seeking courage bite and be dogged
Blood drops, but death only once naked
The lips that’s sweet still with truth
Their tongue of sagacity fond grows
Mending mendacious-covered to show
They pass on, but ever remain ripe their fruit.

Written for Meeting The bar @dversepoets join us there!

The Camouflages: Feigned Personalities

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Poetry

Another day, Another pain
The rose spew the burning rain
The glass jar the fellows brian
In the clay will the precious drain

Your pupette, mine, we laugh
Fainting comics, we feel enough
Cast the lot, the droll thereof
Nothingness of hypocrisy will go off

When he pities, i myself mourns
Two angels evolve; of soot and thorns
Ballad of hope, the soot turns
Glow their candle, i said, as it burns

Who even know the one
The green tree, desert, lone
My mind loots the though alone
The thorns even despise the throne

My soot angel clamour for cover
My thorns angel on her, he hover
Whose deadly wish for thorns, on mine, can be over?
My wish for soot: prays she scale over

Let the sharpest ear, near or far
My witness i seek, even a sire
Chronicle of the moment, river
Prevail not the root nor alter

My soot angel sweet mouth still
How come my sceptics you kill
No offence, No moment to drill
Append my regards, your mind to fill

Poor mind, my trust delivered shame
Neither the eagle nor the eaglet flew, lame
The burning wax, roulette game
The soot worse, the thorn fame

Who knew doubted, fogey-ness
Soot, enigmatic, my foolishness
The later rain, innocence mess
Betrayed! I should have seek thorns bless

An ode to mourn the fall victims
Victims of trust, the glass jar rhythm
The clay jar, exorcism
I wasn’t perspicacious of the organism.

The Fiend’s Life

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Poetry
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The day Serenity fought Tranquillity
To his heel, O! Peace why did you?
Amazed Ambience stood pouted of the brutality
Proud Violence holds sway of the vicinity
Feud wooed, now the victims the two

Shriek you such harbinger? I harangued Why this conflict? Weather, you are bitter
Feigned smile it gave, but it is simper
Scared Sun, dried up by Moons laughter
Naked little Stars, up they yet hanged

Shameless Trees why defer them the Air?
Exacerbation, they won’t ameliorate to fair
Helpless twain, their friends has fled
Hard I could from tears refrain as it is dire
The mysterious precipitated chaos remains red

The Cloud is such when the Goodies quarrel
Brag is the constituent of the goofs’ mind
Sardonic noise confer pleasure on their kind
They sting satirically since it is surreal
Seething Spectators desire the stealth behind

In friend quest, they lure with bogus humility
To their foe, they hold boastful strife
Sycophants’ hail fuel their pompous-ridden life
The villains privily regard their vile cruelty
Self-conceit they marry as sole wife

Lion’s liver is only a wish to the Dog stronghold
Let Spider’s ambush be such quiet
Even valiant Crocodile flee from preying toad
If he dares, it makes it last diet
But fiend’s nature brag. Won’t he anon fold?

Love’s Engagement to Lust

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Poetry
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I recall when Love married Lust
Comfort and Despair then they bore
O that the wedlock never went sore
Lust, its human destitution I saw
Now that its solicitude is on tour
Dear love, repent you not from its trust?

Pulchritude boast. But is it her?
Flattered body, an ardent fan of pride
She, now in cahoots with her sole partner
Who is a flower if not her?
With cridecoeur, nightingale calls till eventide!
She hears not, for pulchritude yet intoxicates her

Let the world be young again you thought
Pulchritude and the beast. O! lucky me
The fairer, for me its cajoled to be
So flimsy and little that it worth
Disdained love forlornly croons blues ditty
But body rather propagate her mistress dignity

When conscience whispers to her its interest
Pulchritude won’t pervert; said no, she yet conforms
Prudence ain’t esoteric, its self control at best
“Sway with me”, it pleads, for yours i am till the kingdom comes
She did well to sham glee. Though knew it lies
Silly her that it only mars and won’t make till it dies

“Ow fie fie”, for you pity divorce not me
Pulchritude only glory in day light
I strolled, withered i saw it at night
O goodness, pulchritude i must fight
Bt away its flew far from me
Body, how anon you fade despite once so bright???