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Posted: October 23, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I found a crimson dawn
A wake of an unusual ambience of glistening airs
It came iodinic, but gave an impression before it disappeared
It did gave a seed of royal gaze, Elise
Of Pulchritude, of Nous. Her breathes are sentinels
So, that she captured my thoughts, completely
Elise, your advent is not momentous. Time brought you to stay.

For this time alone, this whole season, I cherish
Elise, time borne you, when my bloods would dry
That your breathes would resurrect their fading shades
That your palms would fix the cracked skins
That your sight would heal the drowning countenance
That your whispers would save the dying heart
That the bloods wake again, to smell the spice of comfort
Thence, from within, resurrect like a multicolored Phoenix
This love that I have seen, yours, has melt my thoughts.

If love shall be fair, then my heart has found rest
For seasons have betrayed my past fantasies
Chances have mocked my wishes and interest
The weathers, from afar jested my heart with simpers
Now that you are here, I smell time and love reward

Elise, love is no time’s fool, it reigns
Its colour is not chameleonic; it speak constancy
I will love you as brightness, to the sun
I will do, as the whale, to the blue sea
Elise, not time nor chance, will intrude the love.

Murphy Simon, 2016.



So many rhythms we forgot to play
So many memories were arrogant
So many moments we hungered their sway
So many lives of gloom, mirth wine and dine

Whilst I, on my conscious heel, quest solace
The River did to me, unfairness; solemn
Morrow shall be, of relief to my soul
Albeit mulling, tensioned breathe crept mine brow

Oblivion! Callous thee! Thou knew my thoughts
Whilst thy comfort hands morn, howbeit bold
Tempestuous thy breathe blew nonchalantly
Our memories, this i speaks, shall yet rise

That these our moments, of  serenades’ melt
Mirth and gloom; thou wasted fairness for blues
Shall it be, tide basking in time’s anchor
This rhythm shall glow, down the riverside!!

(I miss you! I wish we could re-visit our gone times)

© – 2015 – AdamsMurphy®


Posted: February 13, 2015 in Poetry
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What shall I compare, of you, my damsel?
What? Or of what shall I of you match?
Your beauties-birthed attitudes are celestial
Beyond nature’s wings of treasures array
Your blinks glow than for earthly compare
If the precious I think, then I think naught
For long it has seemed their provenance dwells
In your doors, for your beauty; their solace
Rubies are the bloods that run your artery
Topaz hues your proud skins of winking lids
Your chalcedonic cornea: my sight’s glee
Pearls are your footings of royal treading
Emerald glow is your mind of flourish thoughts
Nature shall of you, thus keep being jealous
For none of its gems match your true glowing
Damsel! Your compare are nothing vainly.

Shall I now, Love, on your cherubic love dwell
Defined, Oh Is eternity on your rosed eyes
Forever, on your soft whispers, rhythms
This fragrance on your purple breathes are staunchness
For on their touches, sweet emotions kiss me
If your heart shall run down the Sahara
Feathers and follicles shall my wears be
For swift my foot will be till I find it
If the polar your heart shall be to dwell
Then my bloods will never of twice think it
For down the south they shall flow your artery
And the hypnotic me, fend on your voice
Your speaking smiles: my love’s assurance
As the sun never cease to shine in yellow
So shall my heart quest still to love you more…

© – 2015 – AdamsMurphy®

The Nightingale’s Croon

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Poetry
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Love, shall my words, by your fair ears
Be of sincere attention acquire?
For my words have erupted up my lips
Deep from my marrows they have voyaged

I will breath your breathes, my love
For from the walls of my nostrils they form
They are the steams of my unsaid words
That navigates daily about my feelings

Your heart did kissed my lips fairly
Before she did, of my heart inhabit.
When the first kiss formed, I felt death
For sight formed of your beauty rays

Anger not, my dear, when my love seems dearth
For when you think me right of deceits
My lips are but comical
Not me, but your fond that intoxicates me

When you, love; my jesting spirit suspect
Count in naught. When this seems
My heart is too solemn for our conjugal
So it would birth a gladsome brow

I shall love you till the stars disdain the skies
Till the sun contempt, mock the roses
I shall love you till then, the airs weary to blow
For as daily the day breaks, you love becomes anew.

© – 2015 – AdamsMurphy®


Posted: November 12, 2013 in Poetry
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Welcome to this poem called “LOVELORN”. It’s A love tale..

If i were taller, would you love me more?
Or would being shorter appease to your love?
So in tallness we grow as i desire
Or perhaps love in shortness supersede.

If i were darker, would you with me shine?
Brightly till the sun goes down for twilight
Or scorn me of some racist sentiment?
Till confusion wins my heart from this fond

If i were whiter, what shall your heart see?
Would you expect my snow fall of winter?
Or foggy blurring of dawn to elude
To whiten my white till it pleases you

If i were fatter, would you desire it?
So that my fat dwells in your sole delight
Until am obesed of being overloved
Or would in thinner, our going becomes smooth

Hope now draining, but not fully drained
Wearisome, but not a mile close to death
For love does sick me in so much forlorn
Till a clue on loving you becomes clear

This poem would be latter linked with Dverse Poetics today for Open link night! Where Different Poets explore round the world poetic-ism!

© ~ AdamsMurphy ~ 2013

When Love Came..

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Poetry
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Love; Forlorn I call it for age
Poor me, into it deceit I fell
Sad I became and did sought courage
Scarce companion, but I wish to tell
Oh! Came your love a relieve colourful foliage,

My Heart the anthem now commence,
Love and Constancy smile and wink
Since your love now shine thence
Flaming in your sight, I see the link
Heart remote, yet not asunder tense

I saw it right
Though my feeling divorce the thought
Fragile love, stronger than called light
It brawn surpass diamonds a lot
But a priest in surplice white

Sweet you that you show love me
Now to you all my fondness would be
The distress I had, courage now its turn
You I’ll despise? Not even in urn
Till eternity, I live for you. Gee!

A Tale of A Seeming Love

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Poetry
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Albeit of this heart i truly count
For fondness o’er my mind sceptics
Of true companion soul to hunt.

Dearth and elusive, hearts’ spawned tactics
That surrogate’s arm a cushion lay
Hence, no trust than being solemn; fay

A dream glimpse of love hue resurrect
Harbinger of which pitch trumpet
Dally with what preys on my mind

One day or some, soon beyond behind
Will Ambience precipitate the seed
An afterwards vow fulfilled heed

So, if this heart am seeming to mind
Affirm her photosynthetic lineage
Of the ambience relations’ true foliage

Then of this journeyed alley quest
My bones, mind and brow can rest
Wither our romance may my dream tend.