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Ferries on the road
Cars on the sea
Laughter on the dimples
visual on the lips

The seen are paranoid
The heard yet quivers
Surrogacy of thoughts
On an exile of fame
Illusion veils a seem mystery

Sentiment supplicates mercy
An ambience of ambiguity and feint
Intelligence masturbation and weariness
The fovier’s ailments have worsened
To foresee thus becomes worrisome
For these seem, the state of our Nation.

#politics #aCryforEnlightenment

┬ę – 2015 – AdamsMurphy┬«

A Man of Honour

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Poetry
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I saw a man of honour
On whose lips sweet deceit reigns
As does the kings on their throne
Veiling faces with pure lies

When his mendacious lips cries
For intelligence arousal
Feigned orgasm does arise
Brain flexibility shamed

From limited knowledge he tries
To fool children unsuspecting
In his effort not relenting
And yet they sit, while time flies

Maybe we stand to see far
Beyond what we are being told
Perhaps some deep knowledge quest
Would save from shackles of tongues