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Some Graced HeartBreak..

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Poetry
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The love did happened, re-happened, but same problem kept the blink!….. Now she decides. Check it in the story:

Of this minds that truly gained you
To love. when they did for you,
For love o’er your lonely heart
Should please the lonesome thoughts
Till they appear no more to hurt
The damsel’s mood of blue alert

When he came to make promise
He, the first, with seeming forever
Came with fairness of staunchness over
Her incredulous mind to loose
In-hand was a butterfly to tickle her
For her heart did fell for love to be

So their romance did dwell in utopia
Scaring afar doubtness from the abode
They did reign like a hurricane foretold
Sooner thwarted as prone as they were
Like the standard to the hurricane.
Unknowing his love was some crooked feigned

Now, retarded thought protruded
Same broken heart blinded to be mend
Memories reminisce then a twice intruded
Who would for her emotion, a temporal winks to fend?
But she’s strong to her wise, so courageous
The memories soon dies off. Past gone thus

The singleness life last not long
Before a soft then soft voice count
She, of closed heart disdaned the fond
Sweet, like a lyrical song for mirthful flaunt
Portrayed him a reflection of the past
This, the second, vows a love to last

“My heart i offer you” he prays
Lonesome had shook me for pounds pay
If my voice, your heart would agree
Then, of this anguish, make me free
He, of sober lips pleas for her accord
The words soon struct the damsel inward

The romance did happen afterward
The twain love adornment was blissful
For love did dwell and breed there
So, they lived it, not a once awkward
And the damsel tagged this, than before peaceful
Soothing kisses, aired, here and there

Then a sudden change checked
Found comfort,thus rented their mind
When he, on her emotions trecked
But she was quick to avert such of before kind
Replicated the shot, till a war aroused
Before a wink circled, the romance closed.

She cried, not of the love ending
Because brightly she saw the alert
Thus the consent prepared her a longing
But cried for ever granting him her heart
So, she shut her heart to love
Until she finally found a surrogate brother to adore!

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My flirting Mistress

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Poetry
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This mistress i write of is a flirt of which we are to visit the moon together.. It saddens my heart to take her along because i fear her being claimed from me by the moon since i sure know she will do some seduction to the moon…. Here is the piece, enjoy it:

Sway with me on this fairy ride
By and by, oh mistress, my dear pride
The stars, winking of mirth gladden tide
Of ushering smiles, twinkling our sides
Till the moon’s gaze scares our worry to hide

Merry, oh mistress!, merry to this cause
On this star lane our lead front for us
So, for us it seems a yellow brick road
But i did worry, yea a twice occurring
Dying of your pervert self, always seducing

The act, an alice in wonderland it is to me
If of sweet love, i of passioned heart be!
If of caring heart, my bosom shall your heart tend
Wither to buy, of your fond to love me truly?
To buy away this flirting from you!

The moon await us dear mistress, anticipating
But if it then at last gain you from me
Often time i thus cry of your lost love!
Sway, and sway with me, let’s our abreast tightens
Till our presence pleases the moons sight.

But my plea of multiple time reoccurring
Of your coyness to vanish yea truly vanish
To please my confidence
That if forever we dine with the moon
Of mine, we shall never, of our heart be apart.

At @dversepoets, we are asked to write as inspired by catrin welz-stein drawings. So this is my selected drawing and the eventual poem! Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for checking by……

Let us be

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Poetry
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Hitherto with no false tongue, ℓ̊‎​ do love
Though it had been crucified in my heart.
She does thinks me an innocent, like dove
Her coyness fooled my credulous low heart
None to tutor my untutored nature
King Solomon is dead. Who to follow?
My Naivity cries to grow soon mature.
“Eschew its call”, she wish with great sorrow
It shrieks at me she missioned to cheat; dire.
But my silence credit the lust wish thence
Who thus tell love her deed is cruel attire?
And ℓ̊‎​, sappy to expunge my staunchness?
Let love be with her ways and be happy,
Time holds and tells whom it be to marry.