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picture from twitter

picture from twitter

They are christians! Yes, devoted ones. Their prayers move mountains and their words lead in the church. They are the larger part of the congregation… In this piece, you would see who they really are:

In Jesus name you so pray
With hot flaming lips
Making all hearts to God lay

But in devils name you think
Scornful and seething
With low blasphemy simpers

In Jesus name you so pray
Of God’s things hunger
Pleasing all spectators sight

Yet darkness in your inward
Of serene comfort
Relax in its soft abode

In Jesus name you so pray
Your earthly surplice
Bright, with heaven reflections

And you glory in dire filt
Laying siege for truth,
Building profanity lounge

But you mislead the novice
That aim to soar high
In this faith that we live on

For Jesus, for him you stand
But in outward hue
Of Godly innocence feigned

This nightingale’s cry not yours
But the drying sea
Nemesis grip would soon be!

So they are, one day, its going to be plain… We shall know who it is that really served God and called his Name and his Son’s name in all sincerity.. Its a pleasure sharing this today! Hope to see your comments on it..