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Posted: October 23, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I found a crimson dawn
A wake of an unusual ambience of glistening airs
It came iodinic, but gave an impression before it disappeared
It did gave a seed of royal gaze, Elise
Of Pulchritude, of Nous. Her breathes are sentinels
So, that she captured my thoughts, completely
Elise, your advent is not momentous. Time brought you to stay.

For this time alone, this whole season, I cherish
Elise, time borne you, when my bloods would dry
That your breathes would resurrect their fading shades
That your palms would fix the cracked skins
That your sight would heal the drowning countenance
That your whispers would save the dying heart
That the bloods wake again, to smell the spice of comfort
Thence, from within, resurrect like a multicolored Phoenix
This love that I have seen, yours, has melt my thoughts.

If love shall be fair, then my heart has found rest
For seasons have betrayed my past fantasies
Chances have mocked my wishes and interest
The weathers, from afar jested my heart with simpers
Now that you are here, I smell time and love reward

Elise, love is no time’s fool, it reigns
Its colour is not chameleonic; it speak constancy
I will love you as brightness, to the sun
I will do, as the whale, to the blue sea
Elise, not time nor chance, will intrude the love.

Murphy Simon, 2016.



So many rhythms we forgot to play
So many memories were arrogant
So many moments we hungered their sway
So many lives of gloom, mirth wine and dine

Whilst I, on my conscious heel, quest solace
The River did to me, unfairness; solemn
Morrow shall be, of relief to my soul
Albeit mulling, tensioned breathe crept mine brow

Oblivion! Callous thee! Thou knew my thoughts
Whilst thy comfort hands morn, howbeit bold
Tempestuous thy breathe blew nonchalantly
Our memories, this i speaks, shall yet rise

That these our moments, of  serenades’ melt
Mirth and gloom; thou wasted fairness for blues
Shall it be, tide basking in time’s anchor
This rhythm shall glow, down the riverside!!

(I miss you! I wish we could re-visit our gone times)

© – 2015 – AdamsMurphy®

The Nightingale’s Croon

Posted: February 9, 2015 in Poetry
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Love, shall my words, by your fair ears
Be of sincere attention acquire?
For my words have erupted up my lips
Deep from my marrows they have voyaged

I will breath your breathes, my love
For from the walls of my nostrils they form
They are the steams of my unsaid words
That navigates daily about my feelings

Your heart did kissed my lips fairly
Before she did, of my heart inhabit.
When the first kiss formed, I felt death
For sight formed of your beauty rays

Anger not, my dear, when my love seems dearth
For when you think me right of deceits
My lips are but comical
Not me, but your fond that intoxicates me

When you, love; my jesting spirit suspect
Count in naught. When this seems
My heart is too solemn for our conjugal
So it would birth a gladsome brow

I shall love you till the stars disdain the skies
Till the sun contempt, mock the roses
I shall love you till then, the airs weary to blow
For as daily the day breaks, you love becomes anew.

© – 2015 – AdamsMurphy®

LoneLy Moon (Part 2)

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Poetry
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catrin welz-stein drawings

catrin welz-stein drawings

The previous episode of LoneLy Moon gave a picture of how the moon became forlorn of no companion! In this part, its revealed why she declined the stars love, and how she was heartbroken, and now mocked by them all. Check below:

On my way to the moon tonight
To help her of drowning lone
Inflicted of thought pride tone
Before she passed on of the plight

My plodding feet drones like a bee
Towards moon’s gate of fairy tree
Scorning my uncivilised tread
There she thus speaks till tears she shed

Her arrogance was ignorance
Falling hypnotised of a trance
Romancing a blinked affairs fun
Since an eclipse made her meet sun

On her brow the sun leaved no sight
Scolding his unrepented light
After defilling her flower
Then denied her love when afar

So the reminisce tempt a fight
Between her heart and emotions
Till she was lost without cautions
Groaning helplessly of the plight

She does prouds not, but only staunch
Pledging for the sun with no branch
Then came the stars to lure her love
She declined, so they think her tough.

Its so interesting to later find out she wasn’t proud! The sun deceived her of some momentary love, and she fell! So the stars mistook it for underrating them! Thanks to Catrin welz stein for the drawing used..
This poem will be linked with dverse poetics later for meeting the bar!

© ~ AdamsMurphy ~ 2013


Posted: November 12, 2013 in Poetry
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Welcome to this poem called “LOVELORN”. It’s A love tale..

If i were taller, would you love me more?
Or would being shorter appease to your love?
So in tallness we grow as i desire
Or perhaps love in shortness supersede.

If i were darker, would you with me shine?
Brightly till the sun goes down for twilight
Or scorn me of some racist sentiment?
Till confusion wins my heart from this fond

If i were whiter, what shall your heart see?
Would you expect my snow fall of winter?
Or foggy blurring of dawn to elude
To whiten my white till it pleases you

If i were fatter, would you desire it?
So that my fat dwells in your sole delight
Until am obesed of being overloved
Or would in thinner, our going becomes smooth

Hope now draining, but not fully drained
Wearisome, but not a mile close to death
For love does sick me in so much forlorn
Till a clue on loving you becomes clear

This poem would be latter linked with Dverse Poetics today for Open link night! Where Different Poets explore round the world poetic-ism!

© ~ AdamsMurphy ~ 2013

LoneLy Moon

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Poetry
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If only some could be seer to know that another opportunities, apart from the ones at their disposal at a particular time could be elusive, nonchalance and pride would have had no place in the hearts.. Below is a beautiful occurrence in the closet of the moon :

The Moon cries of lonesome this night
Down the north, her voice blooms her plight
Dewing down serenity fight
O’er the airs of her visual light
Till it glooms the ambience from bright

I heard it of sentiment mind
Letting my pondering face go blind
To credit this pitiful kind
Questing to repair it behind
For the Moon, a true droll to find

Hence, the tree were silent lowly
Petrified birds, fly quite gently
To lay on their loved nest softly
The animals, standing humbly
Seething, but seem sober mildly

Seethe? Of this worrisome issue?
All, in accord, simpers and boo
With stinging satire of shame hue
To paint the moon’s mockery al through
Till she hides and not again new

Me, so naïve of the whole thought
Soon excel that they mock moon’s pride
Because stars, of her love twice sought
But thinks them degrade of her bride
Gesturing to oppress their lot

Now who for comfort, would friend moon?
Easing her pain with love so soon
Till her heart falls for a love tried.
Twice troubled and Forlorn; She cried.
Soon she drowns of loneliness tide!

So is how the Moon wasted time and chances when they appeared. Proudly rejected the Stars, of her neighbourhood’s companionship advancement.. Now she is dying of been abandoned.. This is just a reminder to the prouds that one day the wage for it will come…! This poem is linked up with Dversepoets tonight for Meeting the bar! Your entries are welcome there…

© ~ AdamsMurphy ~ 2013

Some Graced HeartBreak..

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Poetry
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The love did happened, re-happened, but same problem kept the blink!….. Now she decides. Check it in the story:

Of this minds that truly gained you
To love. when they did for you,
For love o’er your lonely heart
Should please the lonesome thoughts
Till they appear no more to hurt
The damsel’s mood of blue alert

When he came to make promise
He, the first, with seeming forever
Came with fairness of staunchness over
Her incredulous mind to loose
In-hand was a butterfly to tickle her
For her heart did fell for love to be

So their romance did dwell in utopia
Scaring afar doubtness from the abode
They did reign like a hurricane foretold
Sooner thwarted as prone as they were
Like the standard to the hurricane.
Unknowing his love was some crooked feigned

Now, retarded thought protruded
Same broken heart blinded to be mend
Memories reminisce then a twice intruded
Who would for her emotion, a temporal winks to fend?
But she’s strong to her wise, so courageous
The memories soon dies off. Past gone thus

The singleness life last not long
Before a soft then soft voice count
She, of closed heart disdaned the fond
Sweet, like a lyrical song for mirthful flaunt
Portrayed him a reflection of the past
This, the second, vows a love to last

“My heart i offer you” he prays
Lonesome had shook me for pounds pay
If my voice, your heart would agree
Then, of this anguish, make me free
He, of sober lips pleas for her accord
The words soon struct the damsel inward

The romance did happen afterward
The twain love adornment was blissful
For love did dwell and breed there
So, they lived it, not a once awkward
And the damsel tagged this, than before peaceful
Soothing kisses, aired, here and there

Then a sudden change checked
Found comfort,thus rented their mind
When he, on her emotions trecked
But she was quick to avert such of before kind
Replicated the shot, till a war aroused
Before a wink circled, the romance closed.

She cried, not of the love ending
Because brightly she saw the alert
Thus the consent prepared her a longing
But cried for ever granting him her heart
So, she shut her heart to love
Until she finally found a surrogate brother to adore!

Its OpenLinkNight 116 today at @Dversepoets join us there! Its starts 20:00UTC

When Love Came..

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Poetry
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Love; Forlorn I call it for age
Poor me, into it deceit I fell
Sad I became and did sought courage
Scarce companion, but I wish to tell
Oh! Came your love a relieve colourful foliage,

My Heart the anthem now commence,
Love and Constancy smile and wink
Since your love now shine thence
Flaming in your sight, I see the link
Heart remote, yet not asunder tense

I saw it right
Though my feeling divorce the thought
Fragile love, stronger than called light
It brawn surpass diamonds a lot
But a priest in surplice white

Sweet you that you show love me
Now to you all my fondness would be
The distress I had, courage now its turn
You I’ll despise? Not even in urn
Till eternity, I live for you. Gee!

Let us be

Posted: September 8, 2013 in Poetry
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Hitherto with no false tongue, ℓ̊‎​ do love
Though it had been crucified in my heart.
She does thinks me an innocent, like dove
Her coyness fooled my credulous low heart
None to tutor my untutored nature
King Solomon is dead. Who to follow?
My Naivity cries to grow soon mature.
“Eschew its call”, she wish with great sorrow
It shrieks at me she missioned to cheat; dire.
But my silence credit the lust wish thence
Who thus tell love her deed is cruel attire?
And ℓ̊‎​, sappy to expunge my staunchness?
Let love be with her ways and be happy,
Time holds and tells whom it be to marry.

A Tale of A Seeming Love

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Poetry
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Albeit of this heart i truly count
For fondness o’er my mind sceptics
Of true companion soul to hunt.

Dearth and elusive, hearts’ spawned tactics
That surrogate’s arm a cushion lay
Hence, no trust than being solemn; fay

A dream glimpse of love hue resurrect
Harbinger of which pitch trumpet
Dally with what preys on my mind

One day or some, soon beyond behind
Will Ambience precipitate the seed
An afterwards vow fulfilled heed

So, if this heart am seeming to mind
Affirm her photosynthetic lineage
Of the ambience relations’ true foliage

Then of this journeyed alley quest
My bones, mind and brow can rest
Wither our romance may my dream tend.