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Ao pade leti odo
Tese Angeli tite e

The airs are dry again
The soils have risen unprepared,
With sudden hastiness of unknown rushes
Plodding the earth’s fabrics with no regards
Melting the sun with their weird pinching countenance
With unnumbered questions flowing their helpless mind
Brothers, let’s be silent, to permit some untutored wails
Listen, the melting tongues come so close, far away
Someone had just passed on! The land is ill again!

Let not the anxious thunder be an angered today
Its lightening is another terror, sending heels to hell
Let not the day brighten today, in shame it should lie
Like the heavens, like the winking carefree hell
Should anxiety’s connivance entrap the clear ambience?
Should dreading spill the concoction of ailments?
That these lands then die in weariness and staleness
Death, please! Your palms are heavy on this cuddles
Spare these breeze of your unwanted breathes

To mo gara bi crystali
Leba ite Olorun)

Albeit, eventide would yet praise your invisible brow
But we have seen it, the hue of your unknown shades’ mixed
When the town daughters slipped at the sea shore
That your Finch glued trespass, on the palmwine tapper’s mental
Of them, of you; just a surreal hand, thoughts, and fate
Don’t harm them no more, these lands wither of pains
Friend us no more, our companies are yet much enough
May the rains fall soon, to sooth our pained heart
To heal the lands, with hurting hands of colorless stones

When will those with Hiroshima’s dust wake of bravery?
When will the gaols of Sambisa resurrect, eventually?
Shall we keep hoping for the freedom of the moulding tears
To fix the debris of the battered mind, whilst time fades
Down the West, we heard your roar, like a mad lion
Down the East, we covet your smiles, like an infant’s joy
But wither we tend? Your chameleonic breath only feint
But let him rest, He that is passed, maybe time would speak
Yea, speak for us to meet again, when the other days are born.

Ao pade leti odo
Odo didan , Odo didan naan
Pelu Awon mimo leba odo
Ton shan leba ite nan)

Murphy Simon
04 . 06 . 2016
15 : 00hours

© -2016- AdamsMurphy®

The Sons Of Cyclone…

Posted: January 29, 2015 in Poetry
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Do you hear their silent whispers?
Their heartbeats are convulsive
Do you feel their jittery minds?
Upon the roaring podiums they breathe
The lands disdain their footing
The airs have spelled them of pleasure
The waters gladden of their dire thirst
Faded beauties of their hoping fortitude
Weary yellows of their supposed sun
Their stars shy to twinkle
Their moon fears to brighten
Their trusts swallowed by dread
The ember of their roses is faded
The radiance of their diamond; dull
The fertility of their nature now shames
No crimson to merry for droll
The graveyards garrulity yet gives no solace
They are the children of the nonchalant fathers
They were brewed from the careless mothers

Their bloods; the land soil’s ecru
Their dreams; the moon exhausted.

© – 2015 – AdamsMurphy®