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A Call For Freedom

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Poetry
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Wake up from your deep slumber, dear patriot.
Sink we not in this fiery blowing storm
Of power, Beating to our dance, their drum?

For i knew you with some real tutored thoughts
To Plod on these unbriddled tongues with thorns
Perhaps their idiocy be send to urn

They hunt, haunt and flaunt of filthy beauty
Tomorrow shall preach their gospel again
But shall these tyrants keep inflicting pain?

Our soul indeed farmished of true freedom
From Shackles of instigated hiccups
Drawing our sweats like the harmattan crops

Shall you seek to free from this tyranny?
Or still lay to save your fearful heartbeat
Till all your people dies of slavery heat.

Copyright© ~ AdamsMurphy® ~ 2013

Sun in the Stream

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Poetry
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Will my box of dreams
Please save this sun in the streams
From losing its beams?

Will my zeal still pays
Fetching dreams from snoring lays
To follow true ways?

Will my mind still sleep?
Or sling my eyes from night sleep?
Just for dream to keep.

so we help the sun
For fear o’er our seeming fun
Shall not cool it burns

She is cold right now
But its for some pretence frown
To scare the stream down

Copyright© ~ AdamsMurphy® ~ 2013

Carpe Diem Haiku: symbiotic

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Poetry
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A Mistletoe

A Mistletoe

So symbiotic
Tender heart, not altruism
Not parasite too

It’s deep mutual
With the truest of both love
Not to hurt others

symbiosis form a basis that, the two people involved enjoy mutual benefit from each others….. Friends for Ever… Written for Carpe diem Haiku. Thanks for checking by.

© ~ AdamMurphy ~ 2013

picture from twitter

picture from twitter

They are christians! Yes, devoted ones. Their prayers move mountains and their words lead in the church. They are the larger part of the congregation… In this piece, you would see who they really are:

In Jesus name you so pray
With hot flaming lips
Making all hearts to God lay

But in devils name you think
Scornful and seething
With low blasphemy simpers

In Jesus name you so pray
Of God’s things hunger
Pleasing all spectators sight

Yet darkness in your inward
Of serene comfort
Relax in its soft abode

In Jesus name you so pray
Your earthly surplice
Bright, with heaven reflections

And you glory in dire filt
Laying siege for truth,
Building profanity lounge

But you mislead the novice
That aim to soar high
In this faith that we live on

For Jesus, for him you stand
But in outward hue
Of Godly innocence feigned

This nightingale’s cry not yours
But the drying sea
Nemesis grip would soon be!

So they are, one day, its going to be plain… We shall know who it is that really served God and called his Name and his Son’s name in all sincerity.. Its a pleasure sharing this today! Hope to see your comments on it..

TERCETS: Some Life Issues..

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Poetry
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picture by nayese's blog

picture by nayese’s blog

Hmm, today i would enjoy us to read through this piece of tercets. Written not quite long after some stuffy day…. Just flash back to some shakespear’s type, then i get started! And i got this little done….

When i saw life mock mankind
I did pretend like though blind
Yet, askance i look its cameleon kind

Failure makes human bosom
But it is beyond their wisdom
Optimism and courage to it; the colostrums

Covetousness sobs for who dare cares
By and by, it pity fills the air
Defiance is dead, enticed stood man’s eat

Placidity make sober-ness come
Life simulate luxury, alas dynamic in form
Friend of foe, contentment rings out your drum

Love and trust maintain their scarcity
Truth may seem, but lost is sincerity
All is grace in all simplicity

Love did swear faithful to me
Shamed i acquiescence; doubt my mind be
True love is demure, it ways makes its glory be

Who say deceit bore trust? i heard
Scepticism thus lock my mind hard
Mystical life thus jest my naïve mind

Lucky, i say to call this earth utopia
Cool, calm and pleasant.. So i say
But Heavenly song i sing with earthly tongue!

Hope you enjoyed the journey! Its some insight of this life as i picture lately.. Please do drop your view! Thanks…..

A Tale of A Seeming Love

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Poetry
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Albeit of this heart i truly count
For fondness o’er my mind sceptics
Of true companion soul to hunt.

Dearth and elusive, hearts’ spawned tactics
That surrogate’s arm a cushion lay
Hence, no trust than being solemn; fay

A dream glimpse of love hue resurrect
Harbinger of which pitch trumpet
Dally with what preys on my mind

One day or some, soon beyond behind
Will Ambience precipitate the seed
An afterwards vow fulfilled heed

So, if this heart am seeming to mind
Affirm her photosynthetic lineage
Of the ambience relations’ true foliage

Then of this journeyed alley quest
My bones, mind and brow can rest
Wither our romance may my dream tend.