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My Sojourn, On this Land..

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Poetry
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Upon nine mountains I tread to reign in this kingdom
Among several seeds dispersed on a journey to rule
Racing on the anthills to wrestle for a value
There I succeeded, thrusting others with my hard thumb
For I am Akanda; the mysterious sojourner
That welcomes himself with some cries of lateness anger
Precipitated by the damsels of the mountain
On whose all lips I dearly found lullaby’s fountain.

Nine rivers I did cross; with me, swimming all alone
There, comfort pleased my feet; for sweet and sour they did taste
So my flesh pleaded; that in time, there shall be some waste
For on its brow were some sweet pleasure found there got done
But oft I chided it with biting satires I found
Thus refrained her from the vain urge that on its lips sound
The ninth mount; the ease of all, but its rivers hindered
It was quick to curb its tides when my valiant angered.

I, Akanda; my royalty shall rule this kingdom
Fate had spoken it; on the far ninth mountain I heard
The words then came hostaged when my intrepid ears heard
Caress not my head; my hairs have malign momentum
When they pierce, their anger suck bloods; for them it pleases
The bloodshed herald their strong stride to assert their wishes
The cries of my lateness anger are my conquest song
I shall rule this kingdom; I shall rule for years so long.


© – 2015 – AdamsMurphy®


Posted: January 14, 2015 in Poetry
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Have you seen those days?
When memories were still moments
Reminisce, occurs

Have you heard those songs?
Chanting the unsung merry
On forgotten tongues.

Have you graced those skies?
When the colours were still blue
A gladsome wiggle

Have you seen their foots?
Formed by debris of valiance
And humane swelters

Have you learn their steps?
Of their solemn dogged dance
That spit rusty dusts

Have you felt their blood?
Hunting memories in the wild
With weary wrinkles

Their birth are but rather noble
Not a slavery flesh on their brow.


© – 2015 – AdamsMurphy®