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The Place Of Hope

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Poetry
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picture from BBM

picture from BBM

On the TV, On the Radio, so many Newspapers bring News and documentaries about the pains and poverty of different places of the world… I was opportuned to watch one of such… Its so painful to see some many people live in that standard while there are so many people squandering what could actually ameliorate these conditions on flimsy values and invaluable targets! Yea everybody owns his or her pocket, but i think some humanitarian service ain’t too much…
I just did some work on this piece down here to reveal my expression that hope is not lost for anybody whosoever… READ BELOW:

One Look
One Sight
Of blurred afar struggles
One mind
One thought
Of earth’s life ambivalence
Looking askance of self’s Future
But yet, on the blink for hope

One blue
One sorrow
Of a broken heart
Of profuse tears
Periodic dying
Of the abandoned souls
But yet, hope has its place

One fall
One shame
Of a misplaced trust
Abetting truth denial
One confession
One repentance
From crooked pleasures
Twice remorseful
Today is disheartening
But tomorrow is a place for hope

One wound
One hurt
Ample stings of pain
Dry ointment
Detoned pills
No Good, No fair
So hope seems buried as maggots diet
But they of insight behold it

One bread
One fish
Many hungers
Not a love for ease
Of the farmished bellies
Not a care or smile
For the troubled countenances
But silent whispers
Of despisers mockery
Yet, hope’s place is never void

Does darkness not bore lights
Of the moon and stars?
Or does sunshine not kiss stones,
Brighten flowers and dry mud
Of their rainfall’s stupor?
So yea, there’s always a place for Hope.

This poem is linked up with Poets United and its also at Dverse Poetics hope you enjoyed your stay here? Your check-by is appreciated!